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Victor @victerie Preparing for Viking Highlander 2017
Published: 20 days ago
Check out victors teaser for his upcoming competition in Morgantown, WV at Viking Highlander 2017! Alex "The Tank" Armor and Victor the one armed wonder ...
Self defense against a rear choke in an electric wheelchair!
Published: 1 month ago
Cole Rogers, our Director of Adaptive MMA, Self Defense and Combat Sports received a request from Carson in Denmark! Here is a quick answer and ...
Zach Anner & the Cerebral Palsy Foundation made this video on accessibility in NYC.
Published: 1 month ago
This is not a production of ours, but I feel must be shared. All credit goes to Zach Anner (will keep you laughing all day)) ande Cerebral Palsy Foundation (doing ...
Gimp Style Foundation Channel
Gimp Style Foundation
Published: 5 months ago
The official channel for The Gimp Style Foundation! Showcasing what our foundation is doing as well as the awesome and inspiring feats of not only our athletes ...
Coles videos Playlist
Coles videos
Published: 3 months ago
AAR Series Playlist
AAR Series
Published: 3 months ago
Wheelchair Breakfalls: Avoiding Injury When Falling Out of Your Chair
Published: 4 months ago
Gimp Style Foundation adaptive MMA coach Cole Rogers demonstrating the proper way to avoid Injury when falling from the wheelchair. This is an essential ...
Adaptive MMA and Self Defense
Published: 3 months ago
Cole Rogers recently traveled to Colorado to team up with B-Bold to teach the first ever Gimp Style Foundation Adaptive MMA and Self Defense seminar! As you ...
Ask before you assist! Short PSA video about helping a person with disability.
Published: 1 month ago
This a short video on tanks views on unasked for help. He has found that all to regularly people will just start pushing him up a wheelchair ramp without asking ...
What I use!
Published: 3 months ago
So this is the first in a series of short videos that show different products I use, my personal experiences with them and what they do vs what they cost. Our first ...
@victiries and his coach speaking about his training and story . English translation below.
Published: 14 days ago
English translation below! No se trata de tenerle pena a las personas, se trata de tener la capacidad de darle una oportunidad a esas personas, no hay que ...
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