FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome: Fails VS. Wins #1
Published: 9 months ago
Every once in a while people manage to land amazing tricks. As a little bonus this week, we teamed up with our friends over at People Are Awesome to do a little ...
Ultimate Close Call Compilation || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
While a close call may not seem like a fail, this ultimate close call compilation shows how that close call can still turn into a hilarious fail! Your heart will be ...
Epic Prank Fails || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
The funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! Check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong! Click to SUBSCRIBE for more ...
Funniest Animal Fails Compilation || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
Humans aren't the only species that fail. Have a pet? You know what we're talking about. Enjoy the best animal and pet fails on the internet. Remember to ...
Ultimate Dash Cam Fails || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
These dash cam fails have caught the craziest things. Check out all of them in this fails compilation! Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails!
Funny Animal Fails | 2016 Animal Compilation from FailArmy
Published: 10 months ago
We've been getting a lot of funny animal fails submissions so we whipped up a little something extra for ya. Remember to submit your videos at and ...
Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation (October 2014) || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
Think you have crappy friends? Check out this ultimate bad friends compilation and compare. Subscribe to the channel and let us know your thoughts in the ...
Funniest Instant Karma Fails Compilation of 2015 || FailArmy
Published: 1 year ago
There is no greater pleasure than seeing someone get their due. Here they are, the best and funniest moments of instant karma submitted to us in 2015.
Ultimate Wedding Fails 2015 By FailArmy || Funniest Wedding Fails
Published: 1 year ago
Wedding season is finally coming to an end. What better way to celebrate than to kick back, relax and watch some of the funniest wedding fails submitted to us ...
Funniest Animal Fails Compilation 2015 | FailArmy
Published: 1 year ago
We love animal fails and we've gotten so many over the last year that we decided to dedicate a whole compilation to them. Here they are, the goofiest and ...
Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails Compilation || FailArmy
Published: 2 years ago
After all of the hype of the ALS ice bucket challenge, here is the best ALS ice bucket challenge fails compilation. While these ice bucket challenges provided ...
FailArmy's Most Expensive Fails Compilation || Cash Money Millionaires
Published: 1 year ago
Some people can afford to fail a few times. Here are some of the most expensive fails in our collection. In fact, lets do a quick moment of silence for their bank ...
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